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Meet Jennifer: Forging a New Path

For nearly 20 years, Jennifer endured severe beatings, emotional and financial abuse. Jennifer, in her mid-40s, never felt safe enough to tell anyone. Living in a large home in Baltimore County, Sarah and her three children suffered in silence.

Finally, Jennifer had enough. The frequent beatings, degradation and hurt had to stop. He threatened to kill her … and the children. She called CHANA. Jennifer learned that she was strong enough, capable enough and brave enough to leave. She met with CHANA’s counselors at different settings throughout Baltimore – so her husband could not track her back to CHANA. CHANA’s legal team helped her with civil and criminal legal remedies and accompanied her to court.

Jennifer grew stronger. Eventually, she decided she wanted to leave Baltimore. CHANA’s team worked with a domestic violence program elsewhere to find her a new home. After careful planning, Jennifer and her children moved out-of-state. She found a new place to live and began a new job. Her children are learning about healthy relationships. Every so often, Jennifer calls us to tell us about her new life.

Jennifer and her children are living free from abuse. They are safe.

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