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Meet Emily: Finding a New Place to Call Home

Home is supposed to be a place of safety, but sometimes it’s the most dangerous place of all. Emily came to CHANA with her sons, ages 5 and 3, at her side. She had bruises along her arms and marks on her neck. Although she talked to our counselors by phone several times before, she stayed in the  relationship, hoping to keep her family together. Then, her oldest son asked her: “Why does Daddy hurt you?”

At that moment, Emily realized the violence was affecting her children. “They could see the abuse, even though I thought they didn’t know,” she said. “I didn’t want my babies to be afraid or think this is normal.” Emily turned to CHANA. Because of your support, CHANA’s team was able to help Emily take steps toward safety. Immediately, we offered crisis intervention, safety planning, legal services including assistance filing a protective order, shelter, and counseling. Today, Emily and her young children are slowly, safely rebuilding their lives.

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