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For All Faiths and Ages

CHANA provides prevention education workshops and presentations for people of all ages. Programs are designed for each audience and may cover topics such as domestic violence awareness, sexual abuse awareness, healthy relationships, dating violence and elder abuse. Programs are available for schools, camps, youth groups, senior centers, health care organizations, faith-based organizations and professional groups.

CHANA Prevention Education Programs

  • Safety Kid™: Child abuse prevention program for kindergarten through 5th grade that provides age-specific lessons for students, as well as training about recognizing and responding to abuse for teachers, school administrators and parents.
  • Healthy Relationships: Interactive sessions for middle, high school and college-age students that provide tailored presentations and discussions about dating violence, healthy relationships, bullying and social media.
  • Community Workshops: Through periodic community events focused on healthy relationships and timely topics, we help equip adults– as parents, coaches, teachers, relatives and neighbors – with the right information and strategies to help the teens in their lives thrive in safe and healthy romantic relationships.  Our Elder Abuse program provides workshops about recognizing and responding to elder abuse for professionals, older adults and community members.

CHANA also works with advocates, policy makers, and others to build sustainable community leadership and educate people everywhere about the importance of respect and healthy relationships.

Abuse does not discriminate. It can happen to people who are dating, living together or who have been married for many years. It can happen to young or old, men or women of any race, age, religion or sexual orientation. Abuse affects people of all socioeconomic backgrounds and education levels. Anyone can be a target of all types of physical, sexual, verbal, emotional, and financial abuse.

If you need help or know someone who does, please contact CHANA.

We provide a Jewish response, which means caring for all.
We envision an aware and responsive community where all individuals are empowered to live with security and self-determination.  Everyone deserves to be safe.

CHANA is among the 25 agencies and programs of The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore. Together, we work to create a safer, healthier Baltimore for all. CHANA embraces the opportunity to do this work in partnership with other individuals, programs and agencies.

Mission & Vision

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