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Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

CHANA offers a Jewish community response to the needs of persons who experience abuse and other forms of interpersonal trauma. In providing crisis intervention, education and consultation, CHANA advocates for community awareness, safety and healing.

Vision Statement

We envision an aware and responsive community where all individuals are empowered to live with security and self-determination.


  • We treat individuals with utmost dignity and compassion, providing confidential services in a caring and sympathetic manner (rachmanut).
  • We respect the uniqueness of the individuals we serve by supporting them in their path towards wholeness and wellbeing (shleimut).
  • We work to ensure that people can enjoy safety and security in all of their relationships (bitachon).
  • We believe that every home can be a place where conflicts are resolved with respect (shalom bayit).
  • We pursue restorative justice for our clients and our community (tzedek, tzedek tirdof / justice, justice you shall pursue).
  • We work to repair the world by helping those who have been harmed by abuse (tikkun olam).
  • We embrace the opportunity to do this work in partnership with other individuals, programs and agencies (acharayut / collective responsibility).
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