For Clinicians

Interested in becoming a clinician with CHANA/The Shofar Coalition? You have the opportunity to submit an application to join our team of highly-qualified therapists with an interest and specialty in trauma. Together, we serve survivors of trauma in the Greater Baltimore Jewish community.

Some of the benefits Shofar offers to affiliated clinicians:
– Client referrals and promotion of your practice within the community
– Peer consultation groups
– Case consultation/supervision opportunities, in an individual or group setting as needed
– Comfortable counseling space availability in our offices or the opportunity to welcome Shofar clients into your own work setting, according to your preference
– Ongoing training and professional development opportunities
– Access to adjunct services and resources based on need and administrative approval
– Online Listserve community with other therapists participating on the Shofar Clinical Team
– Support and networking opportunities with other professionals in the field
– The privilege of sharing in Shofar’s reputation for providing the most skilled and qualified trauma care in the Jewish community
– Opportunities for Jewish professionals to unite and jointly participate in the Baltimore Jewish community’s comprehensive response to trauma

We strive to provide high quality services to our clients as well as to our team of professionals so that our work continues to be of benefit to all.

In order to maintain my status as a Shofar recognized provider, I agree to the following:
– To provide ongoing treatment to at least one Shofar client as a “pro bono” service, i.e. at no cost as part of my ongoing participation on the Shofar Clinical Team
– To provide feedback on client progress or changes
– To participate in Shofar collaboration, within my ability, such as peer group consultation sessions or case supervision as need for pertinent client situations
– To provide yearly updated credential and liability information
– To update Shofar on my professional development in the Trauma field
– To abide by all professional, legal and ethical guidelines as outlined by the appropriate professional state board
– To inform the Shofar Coalition in the event of any legal or ethical charge filed against me
I acknowledge that inability to participate in the above listed responsibilities may impact on my continuation as an affiliated clinician at the discretion of CHANA/Shofar. I understand that my professional affiliation with Shofar does not guarantee client referrals, as referrals are determined by a myriad of factors. Even without maintaining a Shofar-referred client, I understand that I am still welcome to participate in organizational benefits such as professional development, upon availability.

CHANA Clinician Agreement

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Please provide the following to be maintained and updated yearly for our records: a copy of your professional license, a copy of your professional liability coverage and a copy of your resume/CV.