Prevention Education

CHANA provides healing, support and safety programs to victims of domestic abuse and other unhealthy relationships. We also seek to reduce the impact of domestic violence, sexual trauma and elder abuse in our community by offering prevention services.

We run prevention workshops about healthy relationships, domestic violence, dating abuse, elder abuse, and related topics in schools, synagogues, churches, and camps throughout the Baltimore area.

Many of our prevention programs and workshops are specific to girls and women, others to boys and men, because both genders can be targets of different types of domestic, sexual, verbal/emotional, and financial abuse.

Awareness is the first step in prevention. We help people to increase their understanding of issues surrounding the many types of abuse, whether these individuals are targets of abuse or interested family members, friends or neighbors. As is the case with all types of unhealthy relationships, one person gaining power and control over another can lead to abuse.

While domestic abuse, sexual trauma and elder abuse most often occur within a home or group setting, these unhealthy relationships affect us all as individuals and as a community. So CHANA provides educational programs to sisterhoods, brotherhoods, local organizations, and businesses.

In a great many cases, the abuse does not stop but, instead, the unhealthy relationships get worse, and the target becomes more and more of a victim. Our prevention programs can help avoid abuse occurring at all or, once it happens, offer ways to keep it from getting more serious. We are constantly seeking to expand our reach and increase our community’s understanding of these issues.

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