CHANA in the News

03/10/17 Youth Prevention Program: Successful Partnerships in Schools

In only its second year of its partnership with CHANA, the Magen Yeladim Safety Kid program has seen unparalleled success working with the Jewish school community to prevent sexual abuse.

03/1/17 Rabbi Yisrael Motzen’s Shabbos Address

Ignoring Cries, Silent Cries, and Prevented Cries Parshas Mishpatim

02/24/17 Magen Yeladim Safety Kids Update

In February 2017, the local Safety Kid liasion had the opportunity to expand the Baltimore Safety Kid team.

06/15/16 State and local governments ready to help in elder abuse

Jacke L. Schroeder, LCSW-C speaks to abc2 news about elder abuse on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

5/18/16: Magen Yeladim Comes to Baltimore

Hamodia, captures the impact of CHANA bringing the Safety Kid program to Baltimore.

5/17/16: Safety Kid Comes to Baltimore

Baltimore Jewish Life features a photo essay on a three-day workshop convened by CHANA.

May 2016: The Luster of Our Golden Years

Where What When features an article by Jacke L. Schroeder, LCSW-C.

4/22/16: Baltimore joins the fight about elder abuse

Op-ed thanks Baltimore and CHANA for hosting elder abuse event

4/6/16: Four Questions: Notions of Passover through a contemporary lens

Executive Director, Nancy F. Aiken, Ph.D. responds to, “What does liberation mean?”

12/14/15: How to make better resolutions

This time of year, many people reflect on ways to improve their lives. Jacke Schroeder of SAFE is quoted.

12/4/15: Jewish Community Confronts Violence and Abuse

Baltimore Jewish Life features a photo essay on a conference regarding abuse that CHANA staff attended.

11/19/15: Rabbi Yakov Horowitz Speaks in Baltimore About Being a Mentsch

Shmuel Fischler is quoted in a feature about raising boys to be mentschen.

10/30/15: Congregational Awareness

Jewish Times discusses the clerical response to abuse in the community.

10/16/15: Unmasking the Myth

Jewish Times covers CHANA’s commemoration of two decades of hope, help and healing for victims of abuse.

06/19/15: The Sport of Mentschen

Jewish Times writes about Boy to Mentsch, a partnership program with Jewish Women International (JWI) and CHANA.

05/28/15: Why We Stayed and Why You Should Stop Asking

Recent college graduate explains why she created “Why We Stayed and Why You Should Stop Asking” as part of a college project. CHANA is listed as a resource for victims of domestic abuse.

05/18/15: Elder abuse often not reported

Ellyn M. Loy speaks to The Beacon about her experiences as Director of SAFE: Stop Abuse of Elders.

11/11/14: What Is Elder Abuse?

Feature on The Associated’s website about elder abuse and our SAFE program.