CHANA in the News

06/15/16 State and local governments ready to help in elder abuse

Jacke L. Schroeder, LCSW-C speaks to abc2 news about elder abuse on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.

5/18/16: Magen Yeladim Comes to Baltimore

Hamodia, captures the impact of CHANA bringing the Safety Kid program to Baltimore.

5/17/16: Safety Kid Comes to Baltimore

Baltimore Jewish Life features a photo essay on a three-day workshop convened by CHANA.

May 2016: The Luster of Our Golden Years

Where What When features an article by Jacke L. Schroeder, LCSW-C.

4/22/16: Baltimore joins the fight about elder abuse

Op-ed thanks Baltimore and CHANA for hosting elder abuse event

4/6/16: Four Questions: Notions of Passover through a contemporary lens

Executive Director, Nancy F. Aiken, Ph.D. responds to, “What does liberation mean?”

12/14/15: How to make better resolutions

This time of year, many people reflect on ways to improve their lives. Jacke Schroeder of SAFE is quoted.

12/4/15: Jewish Community Confronts Violence and Abuse

Baltimore Jewish Life features a photo essay on a conference regarding abuse that CHANA staff attended.

11/19/15: Rabbi Yakov Horowitz Speaks in Baltimore About Being a Mentsch

Shmuel Fischler is quoted in a feature about raising boys to be mentschen.

10/30/15: Congregational Awareness

Jewish Times discusses the clerical response to abuse in the community.

10/16/15: Unmasking the Myth

Jewish Times covers CHANA’s commemoration of two decades of hope, help and healing for victims of abuse.

06/19/15: The Sport of Mentschen

Jewish Times writes about Boy to Mentsch, a partnership program with Jewish Women International (JWI) and CHANA.

05/28/15: Why We Stayed and Why You Should Stop Asking

Recent college graduate explains why she created “Why We Stayed and Why You Should Stop Asking” as part of a college project. CHANA is listed as a resource for victims of domestic abuse.

05/18/15: Elder abuse often not reported

Ellyn M. Loy speaks to The Beacon about her experiences as Director of SAFE: Stop Abuse of Elders.

11/11/14: What Is Elder Abuse?

Feature on The Associated’s website about elder abuse and our SAFE program.