Legal Advocacy

When in an unhealthy relationship, women and men can face legal and financial barriers to leaving an abusive situation. Navigating the complex legal system, addressing limited financial resources, and confronting a lack of housing are among the major obstacles many targets of abuse often confront.

But abuse victims never need to act alone. CHANA has almost 20 years of experience helping people escape from unhealthy relationships.

To address legal issues, for example, CHANA’s legal advocates work individually with clients. We discuss the legal process, provide information to help make informed decisions, and we troubleshoot pursuing civil and criminal legal remedies. In some cases, we refer a client to an attorney who is an expert in a particular type of abuse.

Please note that while CHANA’s services are free, attorneys and other specialists to whom we might refer clients are likely to charge nominal fees that will be discussed in advance.

If a CHANA client enters the legal process, we will accompany her or him to court proceedings, give guidance and offer support throughout the entire legal process.

CHANA’s legal advocates also work with each client to maximize financial resources and, where necessary, obtain safe housing.

For the Orthodox members of our community, CHANA has years of experience working with the Jewish legal process outside of the civil court system, and we offer a strictly Kosher safe house.