Domestic Violence

Every target of domestic abuse feels alone. But, in fact, one in four women will be a victim of domestic abuse over her lifetime, and 85 percent of domestic violence targets are women who are abused by men.
Domestic abuse occurs at the same rate in the Jewish community as it does in the wider community, and it is evident in every denomination of Judaism. However, research suggests that Jewish women tend to stay in abusive relationships longer than non-Jewish women.

Physical violence is only one of four kinds of domestic abuse. The others are verbal/emotional abuse, sexual abuse, and financial abuse. Isolation, harassment and stalking are sometimes involved in these different kinds of abuse. Two or more of these abuse types can occur together.

Through all of these variables, there is one constant: The abuser is gaining power and control over the partner.

CHANA has years of experience helping people who are targets of domestic abuse.

You are not alone.